Tampa Bay



Ken Anderson  Tampa Bay


I'm not sure how I lived to this moment but I'm thankful to still be with Kitty since 1997. I'm in Florida but everyone else on the team is across the globe. Now podcating with Deb and Kitty it's great to be me right now! 


Debra  Tampa Bay

HOST / Sales & Media Contact / Producer

If Debra ever left the Tampa Bay area there would be riots! So well loved, so smart and funny. We are lucky or unlucky to have her on our team. She has very strong opinions. "Stop correcting me!! arrrrgghhh" lol Reach out to her for advertising, media, press, guest scheduling, anything you need from our podcasts including kenandkitty.com Email her for her phone number. We don't publish that on the internet. Harborhon21@gmail.com

Kitty McVay  Kansas (for now)


We all wonder about what happens at that cauldron in the woods and all the Gingerbread she buys to lure people in. If she invites you into her cabin for tea... RUN!! My radio wife since 1997 we only got in a fist fight twice. She won damnit. Email her for her phone number. We don't publish that on the internet.  kittymcvay@gmail.com

Frank Gerard  Connecticut


Frank is the voice of McDonald's Canada, Ikea, Nintendo, Major League Baseball and so many more. The voice of Ken & Kitty? Why? A dozen Krispy Kremes goes a long way! And THAT's how you do business DOWNTOWN! :) i.e. he may not exactly work for a dozen Krispy Kremes, you may have to pay him real money.    frank@frankgerardvoice.com

Mauro Pellegrino Adriano Argentina


The guy who produces our show from the Southern Hemisphere.  He's also the Latino voice backup to Frank saying what Frank says in Spanish. They hate eachother and that's just fun! He's also pretty damn smart and is besties with someone very prominent in Argentina which shocked the hell out of me! mauroadpellegrinovo@gmail.com

Bilal Sagheer  Australia

IT Guru 

Bilal has been with us since the inception of our websites and podcasts. Now living in Australia, there's not one line of code he can't interpret and make everything online look awesome. Need a kick-ass website built for an amazing price reach out to him. 


Grace Boles  Cape Coral, FL

Creative Crazy / Unwanted Consultation

Gracie is way younger than us but came in and started barking orders. You've gotta love a sassy like that! We'll let you see how bossy this youngster is in an upcoming short.